Explore a Career in Information Technology.

You are taking the first step in exploring and preparing for a rewarding career in computing technology.

Memphis currently boasts a diverse range of available coding, installation, bench tech and help desk jobs with salaries ranging from $25K to $100K and above, based on training and experience.

Tech901 is committed to equipping high school students, college students and adults with the foundational knowledge they need to enter and succeed in these roles.

IT Career Assessment

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in technology.







Look into professional certifications.

Even without a college degree, an MCSE or A+ certification can gain you significant credibility. For most certifications, you’ll study and review a certain narrow subject, then sign up for an online exam. There is usually a fee, but the exams are often quick and can be done in your home.

  • Figure out the best certifications by researching which ones are popular in your country and field, and stay updated! As you might expect in a tech field, certifications emerge, update, and become obsolete every year.
  • Consider getting certified in a popular programming language, like Java.
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification has been around since the 80s (with updates, of course). It’s one of the most broadly applicable certifications around, so it’s good for generalists.
  • Database certification will also serve you well, since all sorts of businesses use them to organize their information. Oracle offers several database certifications at different levels.
  • Don’t assume your educational degree will be enough. Certifications can net you an 8-16% pay increase. Not only that, but they make you look committed to learning and growth, which is attractive to employers.

Technician Course Offerings.

As the world’s logistic hub, Memphis has a wide range of help desk, build, configure, repair and recycle electronic technician jobs. Studies show that 91% of employers prefer candidates who have tech certifications.

Tech901 offers a basic set of hard tech skills training courses that are industry-informed and third party certified.

Our Technology Skills Academy offers new tech workers affordable, corporate-quality skills training courses to prepare you for the technology field. This complements MIS and CS college programs.

Find Out if Coding is Right for You.

Take the Tech901 Navigator assessment to evaluate your programming aptitude. It is a 40-minute rigorous, logic test to identify gifted developers. At completion, we will send you an email recommendation on your next career steps.

Prior experience is not necessary; so don’t sweat it if you’re new to the world of coding. Even if you aren’t looking for a coding job, test your aptitude for your competency in coding.


With more than $2B of local development in the city, Memphis offers strong demand and strong pay for data, phone, security and video systems installation and maintenance jobs.  In addition to employer programs, the IEC Mid-South Independent Electrical Contractors regularly offer U.S. Department of Labor-Certified Apprenticeship classes.

IT Salary Jobs