Kelly Miller

Not Too Good To Be True

“I graduated from Code 1.0 and have since been placed in an internship with ServiceMaster.   I am so excited to spread the word of Tech901! This program is not too good to be true. I want to get the word out for everyone our there looking for a way to transition into the world of Information Technology. I knew I wanted to do something more technical since I had that undergraduate degree. And it still very much was an interest of mine. I wanted to pick a field that was growing,” said Miller.

Upon returning to Memphis, she heard about Tech901’s Code 1.0 course.

“After I read about it, I really was like ‘this is too good to be true’ and people always laugh at me for that. After an information session, I signed up for the course. Anyone with a STEM background can pass the course,” said Miller. Source: High Ground News

Kelly Miller, Tech901 Graduate

Editor note: Kelly has successfully completed Code 1.0 | Introduction to Computer Science.

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