Daniel Navarro

Computers Are My Passion

“I never had any type of certification. Now that I am in the states, I thought it would be a good idea to get certified and do what I like. Computers are my passion,” said Navarro.

After graduating, he took a job with Church Health following a career fair. He now troubleshoots hardware issues with computers and printers, in addition to network support, for the nonprofit. He plans to take the next step in his career path by enrolling in the IT networking course in April, followed by the IT project course, rounding out his IT professional certification.

“I want to keep taking courses and keep improving my skills,” said Navarro. Source: High Ground, Building a tech workforce in Memphis bit by byte.

Daniel Navarro, Tech901 Graduate

Editor note: Daniel has successfully completed IT Foundations and holds his CompTIA A+ Certification.


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