Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How old do I have to be to enroll in a Tech901 course?

A: Tech901 courses are open to anyone who has a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Q: How much do Tech901 courses cost?

A: Tech901’s recognizes that affordability of IT training for qualified applicants is key to its mission.  Financial support from local foundations enables us to facilitate this. The initial course for the IT Professional track is $100, and follow-on classes in Networking, Security, and Project Management are each $250.  The initial course in the Coder track is $250.

Q: Does my registration fee cover everything?

A: Payment of your registration fee guarantees your seat in the course as well as a textbook and any other class materials you will need. The exam voucher for the certification test that is associated with your training is an additional expense and varies from course to course.  However, Tech901 is able to purchase these vouchers at a significant discount, which is passed along to you.

Q: Does Tech901 offer scholarships?

A: With respect to any of the course fees, Tech901 already offers very discounted rates, since for-profit fees for similar courses are typically thousands of dollars per course.  Tech901 does offer opportunities for trainees to receive scholarships toward discounted certification exam vouchers if you demonstrate strong class performance and consistent attendance.

Q: What do I need to bring on the first night of the Tech901 course?

A: Please bring a laptop, charger, and a desire to learn!

Q: Do you help with job placement at the conclusion of a Tech901 course?

A: While we do not place our trainees directly in jobs, Tech901 does offer multiple ways for you to connect with local employers.  In addition to job fairs multiple times a year, we also make you aware of job openings as an alum of our programs.  In some cases, trainees are recommended directly to employers for hire.

Q: What are the pre-requisites of a Tech901 course?

A: All trainees are required to pass the assessment that is associated with the job track for which you are applying.  For the IT Professional track, one must pass our Compass assessment, demonstrating at least a 9th grade quant and a 10th grade verbal result.  For the Coder track, applicants must correctly answer 15 or more of the 26 questions on our Navigator assessment.  

Q:  Can I begin my IT Training at Tech901 with Networking or Security?

A:  Unless you already hold the prerequisite certifications for these two certifications, you’ll be directed to the Tech901 IT Foundations class as your starting point.  The prerequisite credential for Networking is the CompTIA A+ certification, and the prerequisite credential for Security is both the A+ as well as either the CompTIA Network+ or the Cisco CCENT certification.  Please contact us if you hold these credentials and wish to be considered as a bypass candidate for a prerequisite Tech901 course.

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