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IT Security

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Course Overview

IT Security is a course designed to introduce Tech901 students to the rapidly-changing field of information technology security (InfoSec). Through instruction about both soft business approaches and technical security hardening, students will have a foundation for either entry- level work or further specialization.

The main goal for students is preparation for and completion of the Security+ certification from CompTIA. The Security+ credential prepares students for work as support agents in both technical and non-technical roles supporting enterprise information security. Job roles could include: IT Auditor, IT Security Analyst, Administrator or Engineer.

Course Materials

The content for this course is provided by the uCertify learning management system at uCertify will offer content in the following ways:

– Chapter Content and Lessons in an Interactive eBook

– Performance-Based Lab Activities

– Certification Practice Exams

Voucher Discount

IT Security students are required to attempt the CompTIA Security+ to graduate the class. If a student successfully completes the course with an 80% or better course final grade, the student is eligible for a heavily discounted exam voucher sold through Tech901.

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    • Measuring and Weighing Risk
    • Monitoring and Diagnosing Networks
    • Understanding Device and Infrastructure
    • Access Control, Authentication, and Authorization (AAA)
    • Protecting Wireless Networks
    • Securing the Cloud
    • Host, Data and Application Security
    • Cryptography
    • Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Threats
    • Social Engineering and Other Foes
    • Security Administration
    • Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

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    Carlos Gil

    I would recommend

    Yes, I would recommend.
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    Tony Pinson


    I enjoyed using the UCertify educational/training environment. Additionally, I like Kahoot quizzes and Professor Messer videos occasionally.
  • Admin bar avatar

    Joe Hollingsworth

    Perfect for Learning

    Enjoyed everything, atmosphere was perfect for learning. Going over outside material available on the Internet and push selected sites to follow-up outside of class. Would have liked a router etc., available for lab or after class. Knowledge of Security issues and concepts isn’t just for business anymore. A solid understanding of Security+ issues is no longer just for tech people. Our homes and personal devices are becoming just as vulnerable to attack.

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