Admission Requirements

Students offered admission to Tech901 would be notified of the decision in writing after completing the Compass Assessment. Most decisions are made within 24-48 hours of becoming complete. At times, more information may be requested (grades, certification vouchers, new/improved test results, etc.).


  • IT Skills in High Demand
    Growth and innovation abound in the technology sector. Recently, the top five most valuable companies in the world announced were all technology companies. Tech even dominates the outlying sectors! CompTIA studies predict that the growth of IT Industry looks more than optimistic with the growth pushing the global IT industry to $3.4 trillion by the end […]
  • The Growing Field Of IT Needs YOU!
    Quit working dead-end jobs in uncertain fields; instead consider a career in Information Technology, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.  IT Growth  When you think of IT, what comes to mind? In the past, it may have conjured images of "geeks" with garage startups or a freezing computer room with giant servers and […]
  • 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
      Deck the halls with voice-controlled gadgets! The Tech901 staff has gathered their choice picks for holiday gadgets for the tech-obsessed person on your holiday gift list!
  • Why Should You Consider a Career in IT
    Occupations in the field of computer and information technology will grow by as much 12% between now and 2024, growth that is stronger than the average for all jobs. This increase, strongly associated with advancements in cloud computing, big data storage, and connecting everyday matters to the internet, will create significant career opportunities for well-trained […]
  • Which Tech Path Is Right for You?
      When it comes to choosing the right tech path to suit your career goals, it can be challenging figuring out which direction you want to go. But with a better understanding about what is available, coupled with the right training, a rewarding career in computing technology is within your grasp!